Rhonda – lbs lost = 115

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Former weight: 250 lbs. (size 18)

Current weight: 135 lbs. (size 4)

Total Pounds lost: 115 lbs.

Height: 5’7

Blog/Web sites:  http://www.transformationpics.com

Weight-loss method:  Primarily prayer and determination – supplemented with a sound diet, weight training, yoga and cardio. For supplements, I take omegas, multi vitamins, protein powder & BCAA’s .

How long you’ve kept it off:  2 years as of May, 2012. My starting weight in May of 2009 was 250 lbs. and by May of 2010, I weighed in at 137 lbs.  Currently, I weigh 135 lbs.

Turning point:  It was time to get it right.  I didn’t feel attractive and I was going up in clothing sizes.  My husband was trying to diet, however I didn’t cook healthy meals so his efforts failed.  I used to lie on the beach or on a pool chair and never get up because I was self-conscious of my weight.  My husband and I had a deep conversation and it started with one question – “Are you happy with yourself?”  Both of us answered “no”.  We prayed about it and our journey began.

Diet plan:   Our diet centered around lean proteins, vegetables and “good” fats (almonds/natural PB) We cut out sugars. We ate smaller portion meals throughout the day, as opposed to the standard “breakfast, lunch and dinner” meal plan.

Exercise routine:   Weight training: 2-4 days a week, Bikram Yoga: 2 days a week, Cardio: 2-5 days a week

Secret to success:  Prayer 1st , then consistency and momentum – as they pertain to our diet and workout activity

How life has changed:  So much for the better. I love being able to go into any store and find clothes that fit.  My husband and I have grown closer because we did it together and we are setting a great example for our daughter, friends and family members, encouraging them to take care of their health.