William – lbs lost = 113

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Former weight: 335 lbs./Pants size 48/50

Current weight: 222 lbs/Pants size 36 and continuing to lose

Total Pounds lost: 113 lbs

Height: 5’7 1/2

Blog/Web sites:   http://www.TimetogetItright.com(coming soon)

Weight-loss method:  Primarily prayer and determination – supplemented with a sound diet, weight training, yoga and cardio

How long you’ve kept it off:  2 years as of May of this year. My starting weight in May of 2009 was 335 lbs. and by May of 2010, I weighed in at 237 lbs. Currently, I weigh in at 222 lbs.

Turning point:  I was simply tired of having to shop at specialty stores that catered to guys my size, not being able to ride certain rides at amusement parks with my family, barely being able to fit in airplane seats, being looked at funny, not feeling attractive to my mate, embarrassed to take my shirt off at a pool/beach, the list goes on lol.. I woke up one day, looked at the man in mirror & told myself that it’s time to “get it right” buddy. My wife arrived at that the same point as well,  we prayed together and started our journey the next day.

Diet plan:   I used to train with several competitive bodybuilders and powerlifters and have competed in some events myself. With that experience, I knew how to craft a diet plan.  Our diet centered around lean proteins, vegetables and “good” fats such as almonds/natural peanut butter. We cut out sugars. We ate smaller portion meals throughout the day, as opposed to the standard “breakfast, lunch and dinner” meal plan.

Exercise routine:   Weight training: 2-4 days a week, Bikram Yoga: 2 days a week, Cardio: 2-5 days a week

 Supplements:  CoQ10, omega’s, potassium, zinc, magniseum,  Nitrean protein powder by http://www.atlargenutrition.com/  it is the best tasting protein powder I’ve tried & mixes well.  I highly recommend it & anyone who orders it will receive %5 off their order (use code williama when checking out)

Biggest challenge:  In all honesty, I can’t say it was hard to get started, once my wife and I prayed about it and committed it to God, the road was made straight before us to begin our journey.  After I met my goal, the lifestyle change habits have stuck with me – so I’m used to eating clean now.

Secret to success:  My motto or rallying cry is simply “Gotta get it right”, “Time to get it right” or any combination of words centered around the concept of “GET IT RIGHT”.  Those words were my call to action and have kept me on the right path since.

Top Tips:  You can’t out exercise a bad diet – plain and simple.  I don’t care if you run, walk, take Zumba classes, lift weights, practice yoga, etc.  If you eat bad foods, you will NOT see results.  Diet trumps everything and until you can break down the amounts of protein, carbs and fats that you’re putting in your body, you will be spinning your wheels.  Set aside 1 day a week to enjoy a couple of the foods that you might enjoy without guilt (for me, these include foods like pizza, ribs, fried foods, etc.).  It allows you a break from your diet and will keep you from burning out. Go hard for 6 days and reward yourself on the seventh.  View photos of other people’s transformations and be inspired.

How life has changed:  Our lives have changed for the better 100%.  Our marriage bond has grown so much stronger because we did this together as a team, it helps so much to have your spouse on the same page as you.  Our transformation has inspired some of our Facebook friends to make lifestyle changes as well.  If we can inspire at least 1 person to “Get it right”, that will go a long way in helping to fight the growing obesity epidemic.

During our journey, when we went on vacation, we still stuck to our plan.  It’s not hard to eat out – as we previously thought – because most places offer grilled food and some sort of vegetables