Audrey – lbs lost = 150

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Starting Weight-260lbs

Current Weight-110lbs (Size 2)

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I have struggled with my weight for years, at my largest I was 260 lbs, extremely unhappy and confused as to why I could not get the weight off. I tried everything, fasting, the big name diets that provide you with food or make you go to weekly meetings like you are in food AA, counting calories, workout + diet plans… everything. Not until I came across a wonderful cookbook by Candice Kumai called Pretty Delicious did I learn where I was going wrong, I was eating processed foods, stuff w/ preservatives or chemicals that claimed to be “low fat” or “low calorie” and yes they were, but so is tree bark and I don’t see anyone eating that!

I have lost 150 lbs in 12 months and all the recipes on how I did it are on my blog. Mostly I eat Metabolism Boosting foods, I make my food “work” for me.

I am currently writing a Cookbook and have a YouTube Cooking Channel. I have people following my blog who are losing up to 7 lbs a week just by eating all natural foods, drinking more water and using some key Metabolism Boosting ingredients.

I am now healthy and thin, someone called me “The amazing shrinking woman” recently, perhaps the best compliment of my life. I am now a size 2, I eat real food, chase after my two year old and if I am lucky hit the gym. For me it was all abut my diet, and by diet I do not mean some new weight loss fad, I mean food that I intake. I gave up all fake sugars and all processed foods, I stay out of the center of the grocery store and I shop the perimeter (a great tip from the cookbook mentioned above) the produce, bakery and butcher departments and I frequent the local Farmer’s Markets.