Pamela – lbs lost = 130

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MY JOURNEY…..In February 2009,  my doctor told me gastric bypass was the only thing that was going to save me from diabetes because she’d been telling me for years to lose weight. I’d been pre-diabetic for several years until my A1C’s finally reached 7.0 in 2007. I was then placed on medication to control Type II diabetes. By mid 2008, my numbers were still escalating so another pill was added until my doctor signed me up for the bariatric program in February 2009. I never knew how much I weighed at that time because I did not have a scale at home. I refused to get on the scale facing front at the doctor’s office . I threatened the nurses not to say the number out loud. I went through 6 months of training, counseling and preparation for gastric by-pass surgery that was scheduled for August 2009.

The night before my surgery was scheduled, I decided I couldn’t do it and cancelled. I’d seen too many friends and co workers have this same procedure done only to gain the weight back or suffer from many different side effects they had no control over. Through the counseling process, I’d learned so much about diet and how the body processes food, that I’d lost about 18lbs just from changing my eating habits a little and walking. I thought I had it under control. I was devastated when my doctor told me in February 2010, that my diabetes was escalating at a level that would require insulin within 6mos. I was thinking I’ve lost 18lbs, I’m walking, eating better than I have in years and I thought I had this under control!!  I had already beaten the odds, my family has a severe history of diabetes and most were insulin dependent diabetics by age 35. I was 41 when the doctor delivered this news. I also had a very close friend who was an insulin dependent diabetic and never took care of her diabetes, die from diabetes related illness 3 weeks prior to the this diagnosis. All I could remember telling my doctor is “I ain’t going out like that!” After leaving, I decided I had to come up with a plan because I was not going to be sticking myself 2-4 times a day and I didn’t want to die early from something that could be prevented.

I called a personal trainer I’d just met about a month earlier. We sat down and discussed my eating habits, level of activity, my goals, and expectations. He said I have one question, “what do you want from working with me?” I replied “to be healthy” he smiled and said I can work with that! He said if I had said I just want to lose a few pounds, look good in my jeans, get rid of my gut, be ready for summer or any of the other general responses he would’ve had doubts. My response was what he wanted to hear. It meant I was mentally ready to change my lifestyle. I wasn’t looking for a short-term quick fix, I was looking to change the way I lived.

We began my program on March 17, 2010 and the rest as they say, is history. My goal was to lose 100lbs in 12mos. I lost 92lbs in 12mos and was so angry I missed my goal but had lost the other 8lbs in 4 wks or so. I’ve lost another 30lbs to bring my weight loss total to 130lbs in 2 yrs … It could be more but I had a back injury and surgery that sidelined me for 4-5 mos. Also, I’ve been concentrating on toning so I’ve built lots of muscle. I don’t worry about the weight any longer because  my goals have changed. I now concentrate on my fitness levels. I’m always pushing it to the next level. I’m now running and plan to run a marathon by the end of the year after never running in my adult life until January of this year.

I’m so happy I never had that surgery … everyone is different, and I believe this is the path I was meant to follow. By the way, I went back and asked my doctor how much I weighed when she referred me to the bariatric center (since I never knew) and it was 311lbs! I would’ve never imagined!!  I’m on a mission to get the word out – Type II Diabetes is preventable.  I work with people everyday who are fighting diabetes and one by one we are going to win this war  🙂

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