Pro Football Hall of Fame








Greetings All!

After getting two of our 3 weight training workouts in, we are about to travel up to Canton Ohio for a first time visit to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which if your a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, you know the Steelers pretty much have their own wing at the Hall! lol.  Besides that, It is such a blessing that 1 of this year’s Inductees happens to be my 1st cousin!  The family is overjoyed and extremely proud of him.  He has been tremendous roll model for many throughout his career & has worked very hard mentally, physically & first and foremost spiritually to achieve this level of recognition in the NFL.   Humble & gracious, giving thanks to GOD first for everything, without naming his name, if you watch the induction speeches, see if you can pick him out.

Not sure if you have noticed, but there are 41 amazing transformation features on the website as of now.   All with unique stories & methods to get to the desired goal of better health.  If you are lacking motivation, re read through the stories, there is bound to be one that is similar to your situation. Don’t lose hope, be in encouraged and inspired.  If any of the 41 people on the site can do it, so can you.   God Bless!