Tara – lbs lost = 110

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Starting Weight: 270 pounds

Current Weight: 160 pounds (maintenance since Nov 2010)

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It’s so hard to really tell your story about weight loss. Most people want to know how you got started, how you lost the weight and then sometimes the hardest question of all is how you have kept it off. For me the “tipping” point came one night December of 2009. Just turning 40, working a sedentary job, and finding myself having to think about purchasing size 26 pants because my size 24’s were beginning to feel a little snug something had to change.

I began reading a blog (http://344pounds.com) about a man who had lost over 100 pounds in less than a year by counting calories and it was through his story that I decided to create my own story. I began writing down everything I put in my mouth (even if it was unhealthy) just so I could get used to keeping track. I stopped taking the elevator up the three floors to where I worked and found myself having to take a break by the second floor. After a week I realized I had a lot of work to do. People look at me now and they think I’ve always been this size 10. What they don’t understand is I’ve had to fight tooth and nail (and a lot of blood, tears and sweat) to get to where I am today. Stairs turned to walking on lunch break. Walking on lunch break turned to running early in the morning so people wouldn’t laugh at the obese girl trying to get healthy. I joined a gym, started lifting and got a personal trainer that helped me become the athlete I was meant to be.

Diet coke and fast food turned to water and reading labels. My size 24 pants turned to a 22 then to an 18, then to a 16…I not only focused on my weight loss like my life depended on it (because it did) but I also focused on the emotional and mental part of this journey. I used food as a tool to find comfort when life was uncomfortable and I used the fat on my body as a shield against the world and more importantly against myself.

As my body got stronger, I began to think about pushing the limits of what I thought I “could” do and have since then set out to prove what I can do. I used to be morbidly obese and depressed. At 270 pounds I thought the body I was living in was what I deserved. Today I call myself a marathoner, a triathlete, and soon an Ironwoman. Life is about creating a story for others to be inspired so that they too can stand up, take control and go after the life they deserve.