Sean – lbs lost = 181

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Starting Weight – 450lbs

Current Weight – 269lbs

I started trying to lose weight in January of 2000 at the age of 25. I’d been overweight my entire life but knew I wasn’t happy. I was single, hadn’t seen the world (too big for a plane seat), and hadn’t done the things I wanted to do in life. I knew I had to change but knew next to nothing about diet and exercise. What I did know though was that I didn’t want to follow a fad diet and I didn’t want to do surgery. I had been lazy putting the weight on and wanted to work hard to get the weight off.
What followed were 9 years with many trials and errors. Yes, I was able to lose a lot of weight quickly, 12 times actually, but it never stuck and I gained it back, 12 times. I was never able to keep it off and find the balance that could weather holidays, stress, career, and family. Something invariably caused a complete collapse of my progress and I’d regress back into old habits.
Finally in 2009 something clicked … that something might have been my 9 month old girl who was gonna be walking soon, maybe triskaidekaphobia, or maybe it was just that I finally learned enough lessons, through trial and error, and could finally put it all together and keep it together. Either way something clicked and I was able to strike a balance that worked.
I found exercises that interested me
I found foods that sustained and didn’t bore me
I found support from the people around me and online
I made health & fitness a constant priority that wasn’t backburnered
I finally made it my lifestyle and not just a temporary stopgap
I used to be 450 pounds and live a sedentary introverted lifestyle. I’m now a happily married father of three who regularly cycles 100 miles, has completed a Half Ironman, and lives and active lifestyle. I never gave up trying to find a balance that allowed me to enjoy life and yet stay accountable to losing, or in stressful times maintaining instead of gaining. It took years to put the weight on so it only made sense that it’d take years to burn it off, quick fixes or fads were never an option in my mind. It wasn’t a easy road but it was certainly an eye opening and rewarding one.