Transformation Profile – Gwyn – lbs lost = 88


Starting weight – 293 lbs/48% BMI, size 26

Current weight 205 lbs/ 33.62% BMI, size 12  (my goal is to get down to 25% BMI/ 150 lbs)

As a child, I was the long legged, blonde haired girl with a smile. I would tease my brother about being chubby and I call him fat often. That’s typical of siblings really. I was always on the go with riding bikes, doing cheerleading routines, soccer, and playing basketball. In highschool, I recall wearing baggy jeans that my football player boyfriend could fit into but that was the style. My image of what size I was is off cause of the fact that I wore baggy clothes. I didn’t start gaining wait until my Junior Year of highschool. I did not realize this part of my story until last year 2012. I went through a tramatic experience.  I got into a dark place in my head then due to the tramatic experience that no 16 year old should go through. I would cut my arm in my dark room saying stupid, stupid, stupid over and over with each cut. I broke up with my boyfriend and stopped doing my homework. I was suffering alone in my head.  I started gaining weight to protect myself because the pain was so vast.  A concerned friend told my Dad and I received helped, but I ran away from home.  My mom took me in and I started going to school out by her. I recall I gained so much weight that I was wearing a size 20 pants by my senior year. In college, I worked out and lost weight. I felt wonderful but would gain it back. When I got pregnant in 2004, I weighed 240lbs and got up to 320lbs when I was carrying my son. I managed to drop 60 lbs after my son was born. As you can see, my weight was a roller coaster since I was 16 years old.

I was filled with regret to the fact that I allowed myself to gain weight back after losing 50 lbs in 2008.  I convinced myself I was meant to be full figured and I should embrace size 26 and 4x clothes.  I had headaches often, high blood pressure, out of breath tying my shoes, and no energy.  At Christmas dinner of 2011, I was horrified and embarrass because I wasn’t able to sit at the spot I was assigned due to not enough room between the wall and table.  My grandma mentioned we should join Weight Watchers (WW) together.  Two days later I joined a local fitness club and by that weekend I joined my friend at her WW meeting.

 I feel my Weight Watchers journey has helped my life full circle in areas of health, self-esteem, sleep, family, spirituality, and fitness.  I have been going to Weight Watchers meetings for 1 year and 1 month so far.  I also have been working out at my fitness club for a year too.  I no longer eat every day at a fast food establishments.  My son would have a tantrum if we didn’t stop at the fast food place.  I use to rationalize going to a fast food establishment with the idea that I am really hungry and need this NOW!  I take pride in making my own foods at home.  My son gets excited to find out what we are eating at home.  I also make sure we have snacks in the car so the spur of the moment hunger doesn’t over take my thought process to be on plan.  I enjoy the variety I can have being on   WW Points+ .  I don’t feel limited or ashamed to enjoy different flavors or tastes.  It really helps to know I can eat a piece of cake but within moderation.  I track my foods on my Smart Phone.  I feel like it’s a game to accomplish with successfully marking the healthy food guidelines on my phone app.  I feel having whole grains, lean meats, fruits, vegetables, healthy oils, and water in my body really helps with my overall energy and success on the plan.  My fitness club has a program called ActivTrax that helps me to establish an on going weight training program for my own goal of weight loss and toning.  I weight train 4 days per week, cardio 6 days per week for at least 20 minutes, and abs 6 days per week.  When the weather was warm out, I would ride my bike with my son and see sights of the area that we had not been to before. I also consider myself an opportunist for movement becaus I will do lunges while waiting in line or sit ups during a commercial break.  I started working out right away with my weight loss journey.  I feel I am more toned than I was in highschool when I was size 11/12.  I didn’t start seeing muscle definition until I had lost 70 lbs and I had been working out for 6 months.  I do have excess skin from when I had my son C-section but from working out that excess skin has slowly gone down.  I feel that lose skin is a love reminder because I would never picture my life without my son.   

These are the things that keep me motivated to want to continue on:

I put together a vision board on cork board that included sayings from magazines and pictures (now pinterest serves this purpose).  I also listed my goals I wanted to accomplish for short and long term goals.  Those goals were the following: organize weekly healthy meals, get healthy by losing weight and exercise, fit into pink dress for wedding in August, fit on a roller coaster ride by next year, get off of high blood pressure meds, and become a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member.  I accomplished a lot of those goals and still working on some.  I continue to make new goals so I stay focused and motivated.

I read and like the Experience L!fe Magazine because it has healthy ideas for all aspects of life not just weight and working out.  I get a lot of inspiration from that magazine.  I also read a really good book that I recommend from the CEO of Weight Watchers, David Kirchoff titled The Weight Loss Boss.  He talks about his own journey of weight loss and how he has kept it off.  I do like how he states that in order to stay at your healthy weight, you have to keep on doing what you did when you lost the weight.  He encourages you to find fun recipes, exercises and goals.  Having those things in life will keep you wanting to embrace the healthy lifestyle.

 I post my weigh in results on facebook and twitter.  I get a lot of support from friends and family on facebook.  My husband and son are very supportive of my efforts.  I love my blog and how I can help others with their own journey.  I feel we are in this together and no one should feel alone.  Everyone is worth getting healthy.  I have more weight to lose and even after I get to that goal, I will not stop with establishing goals.  Currently I’m working on training for a 5K and I want to run the entire time in April.  I also want to become a Weight Watchers Leader when I get to my goal.  Losing 87.8 lbs did not happen over night nor did gaining the weight.  Slow and steady wins the race.  I love myself more than ever and I feel younger.  I’m able to keep up with my son and look to the future that it is limitless.  Thanks for reading and I hope you have gotten Gwynspiration along the way!

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